This year you can get tax back as early as April

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This year, the Tax Administration is introducing a new type of tax return. Everything should go faster – also repayment to those who are taxed too much.

“I hope and believe that people will understand the new system more easily. The new tax return contains fewer points than the classic reporting form,” says tax director Hans Christian Holte to NTB.

It should be easier to check information and fill in information about something missing. The system also checks that you do not contradict yourself when filling in the form.

The pre-filled tax return should come earlier than before. While it previously arrived in early April, all employees and retirees should now be notified between March 18th and March 31st.

According to NRK, some taxes could be returned as early as April.

Money coming earlier
According to Holte, the new system makes it possible for the Tax Administration to return to people who have completed the tax return more quickly.

“The whole process is going to go faster,” says the tax director.

In the past, many had to wait for the final tax settlement until late June, even though the deadline for filing the tax return was April 30th.

Instead of everyone being paid their money at the same time in June, the payment is linked to when you delivered the tax return.

Before the money is paid out, the Tax Agency checks whether you owe money to the state or others that should be deducted, such as social security contributions, child support or other claims.

If you are selected for further control, any payments may be delayed. Last year, the Tax Administration stated that around 10 per cent will be selected for such control.

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