Threat to employees of Tryg


The Danish insurance company Tryg had issued an alert stating that they need to reduce the workforce in Norway by about 100 work years after news of the government’s proposals concerning fiscal tax.

The company itself talks about the new estimate about cuts of 100 work years on Previously, it had been known that 60-years would be cut, but during the government’s presentation of the budget, the number increased by 40 work years.

“We have calculated that the government’s proposed financial tax will have an effect on Tryg in Norway of 40 million kr a year. This is money we have to get back.
“This will be able to accelerate the downsizing that has already have started,” says Espen Opedal to newspaper

He adds that the government’s proposed financial tax would trigger moving operations to low cost countries and reducing the number of employees.
The Danish insurance company presented a quarterly at 923 million Danish kroner versus 186 million in the same period last year on Tuesday. The company had 1113 employees in Norway at last year’s end.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today