Tidewater becomes world’s largest offshore company

Johan Sverdrup FieldJohan Sverdrup Field.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Two US offshore companies, Gulfmark and Tidewater,are merging and will operate under the name Tidewater.


Both shipping companies have subsidiaries in Norway,and the North Sea is central to their plans.After the merger, the fleet will have 245 ships, reported Sysla.

21 of the 65 vessels entering Gulfmark are supply vessels with a cargo space greater than 700 square meters and they anchor handling ships with traction of more than 80
tonnes.About six of them are linked to the Norwegian subsidiary, Gulfmark Shipping Company in Sandnes.

Gulfmark entered Norway in 1998 when they bought Brøvig Supply. In 2001, they increased the fleet by purchasing the Sandnes’ shipping company, Sea Truck Holding.

Tidewater also has a presence in Norway.Through the wholly-owned subsidiary, Troms Offshore, according to the company’s web pages, they have a fleet of ten

The agreement between Tidewater and Gulfmark will result in the world’s largest offshore fleet.

“We are looking forward to the efforts to integrate the fleets and land organizations” said John Rynd, managing director.


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