Tine planned to reduce the cost up to 69 million NOK

Brunost from TineBrunost from Tine.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / SCANPIX

Tine will save 69 million by closing down the creamery facility in Hardanger and move parts of its production, said by company.

Production of cream cheese should be collected in Ørsta and dairy in Hardanger to be closed down. Creamery in Elnesvågen converted to production of rind less cheese when production of Jarlsberg for export proceeds probably from 2020. In addition the production of goat cheese and gum products on Elnesvågen Ørsta transferred to other brown cheese plant.

The aim is to adapt manufacturing capacity and optimize production, mentioned by Tine in the press conference.

The changes mean that dairy now saves 69 million annually but it will take several years before any change can be implemented.

– I fully understand that many of our employees now feel uncertainty in relation to future work but we must take care of each employee to ensure maximum security and we have done it many times before with good results, said by Per Ivar Berg, executive vice president for production in Tine.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today