Tine record brings record bonus for dairy farmers

Dairy cowsDairy cows.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

Tine dairies has made a new performance record, and now it also has made a record in bonus payments to the farmers who make the milk, 870 million NOK is to be distributed among them.
The decision to pay back 59 cents per liter of milk delivered last year, means that the average dairy farmer who has delivered his or her milk to Tine, will get a bonus of 97,000 NOK, the newspaper Nationen writes. Thus, last year’s bonus record was emphatically beaten, by 40 percent.
Admittedly, the purchases of fresh and homogenized milk has decreased a bit, but the increasing number of purchases of cheese, yogurt and cooking products means that Tine still get a growth in the performance results. The group also enjoys benefits from actions taken to streamline operations.
– We had the goal of  improving our operational  efficency by 750 million. By the end of the year we passed 800 million, says Hanne Refsholt. She says this is only the prelude to a long-term strengthening of the organization.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today