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Toll in Bergen may quintuple due to pollution

Variable road tolls in Bergen. Prices are based on time of day and air pollution. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Toll costs in Bergen to double due to air pollution

The municipality of Bergen estimates it will double toll rates to prevent the so-called ‘pollution cover’ over the city.


The announcement of the development was made by Anna Elisa Tryti of Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) to Bergensavisen (BA) newspaper on Thursday evening.

“We are heading into a weekend that is quite scary,” she said.

If toll rates increase, the municipality will offer free bus and city rail in line with the city council’s decision on an action package against air pollution

In addition, the municipality is considering the introduction of ‘computer driving’, which means that on single-figure dates, only passenger cars with number plates that end up in that number will be allowed to travel between 06.00 and 22.00 corresponding to cars with odd numbers on odd dates.

The reason is that a large high-pressure zone is expected to occur throughout Norway. There will be calm wind conditions, which are “ideal” for the ‘pollution cover’.

‘’The cold air drops all the way down to the surface. When there is no wind, the air will not be replaced by other air, so eventually, pollution builds up because we continue to drive and there is some wood burning’’ said state meteorologist, Lars Andreas
Selberg to BA.


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