Toll Protest created long queues in Bergen

traffic jamsTraffic jams.Photo:

Professional drivers who were protesting against increased toll tariffs, created queues and slow-moving traffic in the center of Bergen on Wednesday morning and afternoon.

The campaign also created chaotic conditions inside the city center, said newspaper Bergens Tidende. According to NRK, agencies Truck Owners Association, Vocational Traffic Association, Western Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union and NHO Logistics and Transport in Western Norway stood behind “Go Slow action.”
Occupation drivers protested against toll proposals in the new urban environment package that the municipality is to negotiate with the government.
Among other things, they are against proposals for additional tolls, increased regular fares, reduced the maximum discount and two-way toll in toll booths.
It is reported that the protest lasted from 6:30 o’clock to 9:30, but there were still queues and delays throughout the day. Early Wednesday morning, the Road Traffic Management Centre announced slow traffic on several roads into the city.
At many locations in the city, people walked off of buses queued and went by foot to the center. Press contact Ingrid Dreyer in the public transport company Skyss says that the protest had huge implications across the Bergen area.
– The campaign has led to major delays from all boroughs, and this is going to get a result consequences beyond noon, says Dreyer told NRK news.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today