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Top estate agent believes they’ll be another housing price jump

Apartments at Aker Brygge in Oslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Several brokerages believe there’ll be between a 1 and 1.5% rise in property prices in Oslo for April. Krogsveen’s boss fears an even stronger upswing.


“In 2016, there was a seller’s market in Oslo, so it became a buyer’s market in 2017, but now we are heading back to the seller’s market,”said Leif J. Laugen, CEO of Krogsveen, finance newspaper.

On Friday, Property Norway (Eiendom Norge) presents statistics on how housing prices were in April. Laugen believes Oslo will lead the way.

‘’Countrywide, there is a good balance of many properties for sale in most areas. I therefore believe in moderate price developments of around 0.5% for the country, but the exception is Oslo. There, I believe in a 1.5% rise for April, but I really fear that the recovery will be even stronger, said Laugen.

Managing Director of ‘DNB Eiendom’, Terje Buraas, also believes that the April figures will show a rise for the fourth consecutive month. He believes they will show a price increase between 0.5 and 1% for the country, and 1% for Oslo. The same was said by CEO Grethe W. Meier of ‘Privatmegleren’.


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