Towards a rematch about real estate tax in Oslo

Townhouse in Old Stavanger Property Tax

City Council leader Raymond Johansen (Ap / Labour Party) may have to fight a new battle about property taxes in Oslo after a very poor election for the Labour Party.

Prior to the election, Johansen was clear that the property tax should not be increased, but after the election, SV (Socialist Left Party) and MDG (Green Party), the other two city council parties, together are larger than Ap in Oslo, writes Aftenposten.

“We are not married to today’s model for property tax in Oslo. We want to take more money from the most expensive homes. And we want to shield those with the worst economies,” says group leader Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll for SV in Oslo.

She raises the idea of increasing the minimum deduction so that more “ordinary people” avoid, or get reduced property taxes. Today, the minimum deduction in the capital is NOK 4.6 million. At the same time, the party will increase the rate so that those with the most expensive housing will pay more. This is how SV wants to raise 200 new millions in property tax.

Ap went back almost 12 percentage points in Oslo, down to 20 % support.

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