6 in 10 against foreign train operators

Train foreign operator railroadTrain at Oslo Central Station. Photo: Norway Today Media

6 out of 10 do not want foreign companies to drive trains in Norway

In a survey, six out of ten replied that it is wrong that foreign train companies should drive trains on railways in Norway instead of NSB.


The survey, conducted by Opinion for Dagsavisen newspaper and Free Trade Union (Fri Fagbevegelse), showed that only 15% of respondents think it is okay that foreign train companies should run on railways in Norway.

For 9% of the thousand asked, it doesn’t matter who is driving, while 16% said they do not know.

“Some healthy scepticism does not hurt. For those who are going to deliver new offers to the travellers in Norway, they must be prepared for demanding customers,” said Jon Georg Dale of Fremskrittsparti (Frp), Transport Minister, about the poll.

Go Ahead

The survey comes in the wake of the fact that British ‘Go-Ahead’ won the tender against NSB to drive the trains on Sørlandsbanen. Many have responded to the award of the tender, including the opposition in parliament.

Information that Go-Ahead scored lower on quality than NSB and Swedish SJ in the tender competition has triggered strong reactions.

The Minister of Transport explained the process in parliament on Wednesday.

The Arbeiderparti (Ap), the Senterparti (Sp) and Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV), had delivered four questions during question hour.


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