Train commuters in Eastern Norway more dissatisfied than before

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Train commuters in Eastern Norway more dissatisfied than before

Satisfaction with the train company Vy is declining, and especially Eastern Norwegian customers are most dissatisfied. The company points to the problems with tracks and signaling facilities.

The result is as expected, says Executive Vice President Arne Fosen in Vy’s train department in a press release.

– “How satisfied the customers are is closely linked to the punctuality of the trains. With major work and subsequent operational problems on tracks and signaling facilities in the summer and early fall, we expected a poor result. After Vy’s customer satisfaction in the spring of 2019 showed good development despite the name change, autumn’s figures show a decline,” says Fosen.

It is the company Bane Nor that is responsible for tracks and signaling facilities.

Vy measures customer satisfaction twice a year. In the autumn survey among customers in Eastern Norway, the company received a score of 62. This is a decrease from 69 this spring. A score below 60 points is considered weak, while over 70 is considered good.

81 percent of all Vy’s train journeys take place in Eastern Norway. Particularly poor result is the local trains going southeast from Oslo. The local train between Stabekk and Ski gets only 50 points, while the trains to Moss and Mysen get 55 points.

In other parts of the country, customers are more satisfied. In the west, the survey gives a score of 76 points, in the north 73 points, in the south and on Gjøvikbanen 74 points. The local trains in Trøndelag get between 68 and 77 points.

Bad information
The survey shows that customers are still not satisfied with the information provided when there are delays, and information on replacement buses for trains.

“Here we work every day with Bane Nor to improve the information that goes out to the customers,” says Fosen.

6,900 customers participated in the survey, conducted by Kantar in September.

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