Transport company plans self-propelled cargo ships in the Oslofjord


The transport company ASKO is planning a self-propelled vessel that will carry goods across the Oslo Fjord. Enova supports the project with NOK 119 million.

Two self-propelled vessels with a capacity of 16 semi-trailers will, according to plan, sail between Moss and Holmestrand.

According to Enova, the vessels will cut annual emissions by 5,000 tonnes of CO2 and save the roads for around 2 million kilometers driven a year.

Electric vehicles should also be used for loading, and electric trucks will transport the goods between the ports and ASKO’s warehouses.

“This project will be a door opener for emission-free transport solutions at sea. Here, ASKO shows how sea transport can compete with trucks also in shorter distances,” says CEO Nils Kristian Nakstad in Enova.

The project is still in the planning phase and final decision has not been taken.

The goal is to start the project in 2021 and be in full operation in 2024.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today