Transport workers will discuss security measures for potential terrorist attacks


The Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union (Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund) will discuss measures to prevent the hijacking of heavy vehicles. Last Friday, a truck was hijacked and driven into a crowd in Stockholm.

Four people died in the attack,and 15 were injured. Also in Nice, Berlin and London, there were similar truck attacks over recent years (though with massive differences in the number of casualties, with 84 killed in Nice, 12 in Berlin and 5 in London).

The union leader of the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union, Lars Johnsen, said to P4 that they will discuss measures to prevent the hijacking of heavy vehicles, since they fear that such attacks could also happen in Norway.

‘There are technologies that could make it more difficult to hijack these vehicles. Code locks are a possibility, but they will probably lead to later deliveries by the transport industry.

Another solution could be a technology that could block the fuel supply from outside, said Johnsen. He said they should do whatever is practically possible to do, but you can never be on 100% guard against such events.

In Sweden, the country’s infrastructure minister, Anna Johansson, called the industry to a meeting this Thursday to discuss security measures, according to Sveriges Radio.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today