Trump will force Apple to manufacture in the US

Donald TrumpU.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes the stage at a campaign rally in Windham, New Hampshire, January 11, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
Donald Trump, who leads the race to become the Republican presidential candidate demands that Apple  stop producing in China.
During a speech at Liberty University in Virginia  Trump demanded  that Apple and other US executive move production back to the United States, the web magazine Fortune writes.
– We will ensure that Apple build their damned computers and other things in this country, rather than in other countries, said the eccentric billionaire in his speech.
Trump has previously made harsh attacks on other US corporations that have moved production abroad, among them Ford.
If Trump gets what he wants, a 35 percent import duty will be introduced on cars which Ford currently produces in Mexico.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today