Trygg Traffic warns against narrower and faster highways

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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will open the way for narrower highways with 110 km/h speed limit construction, but Trygg Trafikk responds strongly to the proposal.

On behalf of the then Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has investigated the possibilities of the construction for more and narrower four-lane highways. The conclusion is that such roads can also be built on roads with a traffic congestion down to 6,000 cars per day, half of what is required. It also opens to build narrower four-lane freeways with a speed limit of 110, from today’s 23 meters to 20 or 20.5 meters.

In a consultation letter, Trygg Trafikk responds to the conclusion, and they object to the plans, VG reports. They ask the new Minister of Transport, KrF’s Knut Arild Hareide, to scrap the whole plan.

– “We know that speed is and has always been the biggest and most important cause of the most serious traffic accidents. We need to get control of the road on Norwegian roads,” says Jan Janssen, the director of the newspaper.

The report states that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration confirms that more highways with higher speed limits will cause more accidents.

Hareide replies via his press department that the matter is being worked on in the ministry and that it is too early to say when a conclusion will be clear.

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