The two biggest shopping days remain

Christmas GiftsChristmas gifts. Photo:

The final stages of Christmas shopping are approaching. Wednesday and Thursday are the days we spend most money in stores, according to calculations made for Virke.

Each of those days, estimates Kvarud Analyse a turnover in retail trade at approximately NOK 3.2 billion, or roughly NOK 600 per each Norwegian citizen, old and young.

– It is clear that some are starting to feel the pressure of Christmas and making panic purchases of Christmas gifts is not unlikely, says Bror William Stende from the trade organization Virke in a press release.

He says there are many who make Christmas purchases during the last two or three days and he thinks we wait longer and longer to be finished with our Christmas shopping.

– In addition, when Christmas Eve is on a Saturday, there are many who wait until the last week. In addition, we buy much of the food we eat during Christmas during these days, says Stende, who is the Director for Specialist trade.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today