Unibuss got big contract for bus transport in Oslo

Unibuss got big contract for bus transport in OsloUnibuss got big contract for bus transport in Oslo.Photo: Krister Sørbø / SCANPIX

It has been decided that Unibuss will be responsible for bus transport inside Oslo for the next three years while Nobina will drive line 25. Unibuss contract may get a value of up to 1.3 billion.

Unibuss Agreement involve running the line 20, 21, 28, 34, 37 and 54, routes which considered as about 40 percent of all bus service in the capital.

The contract has an annual value of 260 million. It may be extended for two years after the contract period of three years and may lead to 1.3 billion in revenue for the company.

Unibuss said all these lines will be run with articulated buses by April 2017, around 110 joint buses to be used on the lines which 75 of them to be brand new.

Nobina secured the contract to run the line 25, which currently has around 3 million passengers a year. This agreement may be extended by three years after the first three years and has a value of 49.5 million annually.

Both companies promise to use only fossil-free fuel on the affected lines. Routes owners said the new contracts are shorter than usual because the company intends to transition to electric buses in a few years.
In 2015 341 million public transports carried out in Oslo and Akershus. This is an increase of 4.6 percent from the year before.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today