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Upcoming free trade agreements for EFTA

Trading Cacao, EFTA, TradeTrading Cacao. Photo: Pixabay.xom

Upcoming free trade agreements involving EFTA

The following free trade agreements involving EFTA and Norway are under negotiation.


  • EFTA – Ecuador: under negotiation
  • EFTA – Philippines: Negotiated, waiting for implementation
  • EFTA – India: Under negotiation
  • EFTA – Indonesia: Under negotiation
  • EFTA – Malaysia: Under negotiation
  • EFTA – Mercosur: Under negotiation
  • EFTA – Vietnam: Under negotiation
  • EFTA – Algerie: Under negotiation, stopped temporarily
  • EFTA – RuBeKa (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan): Under negotiation, stopped temporarily
  • EFTA – Thailand: Under negotiation, stopped temporarily
  • Norway – China: Under negotiation

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