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Upper Romerike in Akershus grows the most

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Passenger record cycling world championship customsOslo Airport Gardermoen in Ullensaker Municipality. Photo: Norway Today Media


Gjerdrum in Akershus grew most of all municipalities in the country last year. Along with several other municipalities growing on the outskirts of Oslo, making Upper (Øvre) Romerike to the region in the country that experienced the greatest increase by percentage in population for 2016.

All six municipalities in Upper Romerike, Gjerdrum, Nannestad, Ullensaker, Eidsvoll, Hurdal and Nes, had over two percent population growth in 2016.

The two municipalities at the foot of the Romerike hills, Gjerdrum and Nannestad, had over three percent growth.

The 223 new Gjerdrumers last year, ensured that the second smallest municipality in Akershus now heads the list, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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