The value of e-commerce to Norwegian economy will pass NOK 100 billion this year

Online shopping gearbestOnline shopping.Photo : Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Norwegian citizens’ online shopping has doubled in the past five years, and will pass NOK 100 billion within 2017, reported the Danish company, DIBS Payment Service.


The DIBS company charts the scale of all e-commerce in the Nordic economic region, and they concluded that online shopping will increase by 16% this year, to a figure they estimated at NOK 105 billion, wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

The DIBS report showed that 85% of the Norwegian population are doing at least some of their shopping online.

‘If we go back five years, one couldn’t, then, imagine that growth would continue at such a great pace.

And there is nothing to indicate that the rate of increase will stop at this point, because we see constantly increasing online purchasing among all age groups, while more and more industries are finding their way to the digital marketplace’, said Johanna

Tell, Norway’s chief at DIBS Payment Service.

Patrik Müller, a DIBS retail expert, believes that the online trade in Norway is beginning to get take the same development trajectory as has already been seen in the USA, where warehouses, and other physical stores and showrooms are closed
because they are outperformed by e-commerce.