Veidekke is laying off several employees

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Veidekke reorganizes and reduces staffing in the construction business by around 50 employees in order to cut costs.

“Some employees will be transferred to our construction projects and some to other parts of Veidekke, and thus we hope to avoid too many layoffs,” says Vice President Øivind Larsen at Veidekke Construction.

In the construction business in Veidekke, there were large lay offs last year, and the financial results in recent years have been weak.

The company has started extensive work to increase profitability. Among other things, they have reduced the machinery and the number of employees in administrative positions.

“We have not achieved satisfactory results in recent years and therefore have to increase earnings and cut costs,” says Larsen.

The goal now is to rebuild Veidekke Construction.

“This is a demanding process and unfortunately it means that not everyone can join us. We will therefore do everything we can to find good solutions and take care of those affected by this as well as possible,” says Larsen.

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