Vestland counties will cooperate on power tourism

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If it goes the way the counties of Vestland and Rogaland are hoping for, power tourism can become a focus area in the inner parts of western Norway (Vestlandet).

The two county municipalities are now in the initial phase of developing a collaborative project with the working title “Power tourism – experiences in the western Norwegian power landscape.”

Initially, it will be mapped if there is a market for experiences in the power landscape in Vestlandet. NOK 150,000 has been set aside for the preliminary project.

It is particularly inland areas in Vestlandet that may become relevant for future power tourism. The towns of Røldal, Odda, Tyssedal and Sauda are among the places under consideration.

The Industrial Workers Museum in Sauda, the Høyanger Industrial City Museum and the Høyanger power plant are of particular priority.

“We are very excited and hope that others will be too,” says senior adviser Tor Andreas Titlestad at the County Curator in Hordaland.

The background is that there is nowhere else in Norway that was changed through power and industrial building in the 20th century, in such a short time.

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