Vinmonopol proposal to be kept open later on Saturdays


Vinmonopol proposal to remain open until 4 pm on Saturdays, the government suggests. The proposal has now been sent for consultation.

The current opening hours for Vinmonopol should be changed. Today, they are open from 8.30 am to 3 pm, but the government suggests that the opening hours be shifted to 10 to 16.

The Government proposed the changes to the Granavolden platform.

The elderly and public health minister Sylvi Listhaug (FRP) believes this will be popular among several users.

“Many have met up to closed doors on Saturday at 15,” says Listhaug to VG.

She says that it is up to Vinmonopolet to set opening hours for each retail outlet.

Rusfelt’s collaborative agency Actis is critical of the proposal.

“The proposal is another example of how the government facilitates increased alcohol consumption. I think sales will surely increase,” says Secretary General Pernille Huseby of Actis to VG.

According to Listhaug, the government will ask the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to study, among other things, whether alcohol consumption will increase as a result of the changes.

In addition, it is proposed to grant monies for breweries for the sale of self-produced drinks on the premises where there is also a grant for licensing, provided that the premises are small.

The proposal will make it possible for breweries that are located on small premises, to offer their customers both to taste self-produced drinks on the spot, and to buy and take home, the consultation note states.

The consultation deadline is September 13th.

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