Vinmonopolet: For the sake of infection prevention, do your Christmas alcohol shopping early

wine monopolyOSLO, Norway. Queue to the Vinmonopolet during corona. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

Vinmonopolet encourages people to shop early for their Christmas alcohol needs, in line with the coronavirus restrictions.

“We are heading towards Christmas shopping time at Vinmonopolet. For the sake of infection control, we call on people to do their Christmas shopping during November, preferably in the morning, and early in the week,” CEO Elisabeth Hunter of Vinmonopolet noted.

2020 will be a historic year for Vinmonopolet.

It will probably sell around 115 million liters during the year, compared to 82.6 million liters last year, an increase of around 40%.

The increase is related to the borders with Sweden being closed and an almost complete stop in tax-free trade.

“Twice as busy”

“Normally, the month of December is almost twice as busy as a normal month.

“In December this year, we expect sales of around 15 million liters spread over five million customer visits, the largest single month of sales ever – a record that will probably stand for a long time,” Hunter added.

Since many have home offices and are therefore more flexible this year, Vinmonopolet hopes that people can move their purchases from the afternoon to the mornings, and from the end of the week to the beginning of the week.

Another piece of advice is to finish the Christmas shopping before December 15.

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