Vinmonopolet (The Wine Monopoly) gets new opening hours


This year, Norway’s Vinmonopolet will be open on Easter Saturday for the first time. On New Year’s Eve last year, the Vinmonopolet was open for the first time, as a result of changes to the alcohol law. Now a new eve has arrived for the state monopoly of alcohol shops.

On the eve of Easter this year, the shop will be open for business for the very first time.

It is common on the winter week for Vinmonopolet to sell over 1.3 million liters of wine, spirits, strong beer and alcohol-free booze.

In the week before Easter, Vinmonopolet sells approximately 2.1 million liters. It is a commodity we are especially more concerned with during Easter.

‘Red wine is the most popular beverage throughout the year, but it is extra popular at Easter. Red wine is a typical winter drink; the proportion of wine purchased rises in step with decreasing temperatures’, said press officer, Jens Nordahl, of Vinmonopolet.

In particular, the sales of wine in the cardboard cartons increases at Easter-time. Many people may want practical packaging when they are at their holiday cabins.

In the week before Easter, Friday is the biggest day for sales, with just over 700,000 liters moving over busy counters. During the Easter week, Tuesday is the biggest shopping day, with more than 600,000 litres sold nationwide.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today