Vinmonopolet (Wine Monopoly) online sales soar


The ‘Vinmonopolet’ is increasingly selling alcohol online. Restrictions imposed by Norwegian alcohol law make it difficult for competitors to sell online.
Last year, Vinmonopolet’s online store set a new record of over 140,000 orders, representing an increase of 190% since 2010, according to P4.

Altogether, we bought 2.2 million liters of alcohol through Vinmonopolet’s online store last year.

Of these, 77,000 liters were delivered to customer’s’ front doors, while 363,000 liters were collected from post offices.

The rest, equal to almost 80% of net sales, were sold in one of Vinmonopolet’s shops having been pre-ordered online.

When they say ‘wine monopoly’, they mean wine monopoly. Only Vinmonopolet can sell wine and spirits via the internet.
The only exceptions are some duty free shops who sell to customers arriving by plane from abroad, who can pre-order online, but must pick up the goods when they land at the airport.

Several grocery stores are selling beer, cider and ‘alcopops’ online, but then customers show their identify when the goods are delivered to their door.

Delivery may not happen after 20.00 on weekdays because of legal limits on alcohol sales.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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