Vipps to launch internationally this year

VippsVipps. Photo:

The payment solution, Vipps, will be launched internationally during the year, announced the company’s director.


After an EU’s new banking directive, PSD2, came into force on January the 13th, it became open to giants like Apple, Facebook and Google to establish banking services. The core of the directive is that organisations other than traditional banks can offer financial transactions to customers.

When the Norwegian payment system Vipps was divorced from DNB bank last year, and merged with Bank Axept and BankID, it was said that the ambition was to launch the service internationally, in competition with the largest companies.

However, dates for this were not set. However, during a breakfast meeting at Finance Innovations in Bergen this week, Vipps chief, Rune Garborg, said that a launch
outside Norway is in sight.

‘We have used 2017 to extract our technology so that it stands on its own legs without DNB bank. This means that we can present it elsewhere, and we will go
international in 2018,’ said Garborg, according to Sysla.

The possibilities of the new directive are that companies other than your bank will be able to offer payment, balance, purchase of goods, and many more services.

‘Bills and e-commerce are already existing functionality, and we will launch a balance and many more services in a short period of time. At the core, we always maintain awareness that our service should be simple. If it’s not easy, let’s not launch it,’ said the Vipps boss.



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