Vipps is the youngster’s favourite

VippsOslo, Norway.Vipps.DNB.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Of young people’s top 10 in brands, Norske Vipps took first place on the YouGov BrandIndex’s ranking among youth in front of the global streaming services Netflix and Spotify.


YouGov BrandIndex is now launching a list of what brands are spoken most about
(Word Of Mouth) among all the brands that the young people between 18-34 years have heard something positive about.

Top Ten Word Of Mouth Score (WOM)

Vipps and Netflix reign supreme on YouGov BrandIndex’s ranking. Vipps took first place with a 76.8% WOM score in front of Netflix, which scored 74.9%. Spotify. in third place, had a score of 68.4%.

Only two Norwegian brands were in the youngsters’ top 10. Rema 1000, who took fifth place with a WOM score of 67.3%. Rema 1000 had been completely out of the YouGov BrandIndex top-talked about in the wake of the ‘Bestevenn’ strategy. But the youth are happy with Rema 1000, and more favourably tuned than they are to Kiwi, which is in eighth place with a WOM score of 61.7%.

Beyond Vipps, Rema 1000 and Kiwi were dominant in the Norwegian ranking among youngster.

Volvo is the year’s climbing champ!

Two car brands topped the YouGov BrandIndex ranking of the brands with the biggest increases in the WOM score among youngsters. Volvo has improved its WOM score by 9.1%, and is thus the year’s highest jump among youngsters. Tesla is the second climber on this year’s ranking, having improved its score by 7.1%, closely followed by YouTube, which had the third highest improvement by 7.1%.

YouTube is one of the young people’s favourites and occupies fifth place in the top 10.


Source: YouGov Norway AS / Norway Today