Norwegians will spend NOK 11,000 on Christmas trade

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Virke expects Norwegians to spend an average of 11,000 kroner each on Christmas trade

Each of us will spend an average of NOK 11,040 on food, decorations, gifts and other Christmas necessities according to the trade organization, Virke.


Virke concluded that we will spend NOK 58.5 billion in total, just over NOK 11,000 each in December in connection with Christmas trade. Of this, we spend 4,700 kroner in the grocery sector and 6,340 kroner in other stores according to estimates from the trade industry’s interest organization, Virke.

‘’Especially the last week before Christmas, it is hectic in the grocery stores. We invite you to a party and visit, and maybe even more quality food in December. For most, it is important that the Christmas food tastes traditional, and provide childhood memories, and commodities for the home. There are more and more local food products on the market that bring forth both memories and a Christmas atmosphere’’ said Ingvill Størksen, Director of Virke Dagvarevare.

Turnover in December is 30% higher than the average for the rest of the year. For industries such as toy stores, gold stores and bookstores, sales are two to three times higher in December than on average in the rest of the year.

“Christmas means a lot for the retail trade, which will turn into NOK 33.5 billion in December,” said Bror William Stende, director of Virke Faghandel.

In addition is the money we spend in conjunction with the trade’s ‘Black Friday’ campaigns. Last year, it was over NOK 3.6 billion. This year, Virke expects us to spend NOK 3.9 billion on Friday, 23rd November.


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