Virus fear removes Norwegian salmon from the shelves in Beijing

Salmon filletSalmon fillet.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB Scanpix

Several supermarkets in the Chinese capital Beijing have removed salmon from the shelves after coronavirus was found on a cutting board for imported salmon.

According to the Global Times, several supermarket chains have stopped selling imported salmon, and NRK was unable to find Norwegian salmon in several large supermarket chains.

The virus was discovered on a cutting board for imported salmon in the city’s largest fresh produce market. The market is therefore also closed for the time being. According to Chinese authorities, the coronavirus has come from Europe, but it is unclear how.

People who have been at the market, as well as food and equipment are now being virus tested.

“We are receiving reports of cancellations of orders for fresh salmon to the market as a result of the measures for testing foods that have now been implemented,” said Victoria Braathen, fisheries envoy at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

In 2019, approximately 23,500 tonnes of salmon were exported from Norway to China worth 1.6 billion kroner.

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  1. vivien hill | 16. June 2020 at 13:44 | Reply

    it was already compromised..the co-vid is just one more reason to avoid fish farming produce..and go for fish from a natural source.

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