Sandberg wants simplified EU access for Norwegian seafood

SalmonSalmon bites.Photo Norway Today Media

Terribly complicated,  Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg says about the access to Norway’s main seafood market EU.

Norway sold seafood for over 50 billion kroner to the EU last year.
– But the number of tariff quotas we have in the EU are also 50. It’s terribly complicated,  Sandberg says of the Norwegian market access.
Because of this, a simpler system will be one of the main subjects when he meets EU fisheries commissioner Karmenu Vella in Brussels this week. He will also be bringing up Norway’s wish to have the import duties  for  processed seafood removed.
– When all of EU are shouting out for more Norwegian seafood, it is clear that something needs to be done with the customs barriers,  Sandberg thinks and states that he wants more comprehensive free trade agreements for the fishing industry in the EU.
– It can be significantly more simplified, he said, stressing that this becomes even more important when EU is seeking comprehensive free trade agreements with other countries and regions.
But the fisheries minister still does not want to make seafood a part of the EEA Agreement, which provied free access to the EU market for other Norwegian industries.
– When we are negotiating with the EU through the EEA Agreement, it stands to reason that we have to give up something in order to get something. And I think it will be difficult to both get the support of the industry and the political support we need if we are to give away our seafood resources, he comments.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today