Wants ban on cod fishing in entire Oslo Fjord

CodCod.Photo: NTB scanpix

Norwegian Fisheries Directorate wants a ban on cod fishing in entire Oslofjord

The Norwegian Fisheries Directorate proposed a ban on fishing for cod from Telemark to the Swedish border, which means that the entire Oslofjord will be subject to the ban.


The proposal is a follow-up after the Directorate issued a consultation proposal earlier this year.

The reason for the proposal given was that measures must be taken because the state of the coastal and fjord cod in southern Norway has deteriorated over a period of time and stocks are now at a historically low level.

In addition to proposing a ban in the Oslo Fjord, the Directorate maintained a proposal to introduce a ban on fishing for cod in spawning grounds on the Skagerrak coast in the period from the 1st of January to the 30th of April.

In practice, this means a general ban on the fishing of cod, but the directorate will adopt the ban so that a limited fishing of cod in the Oslo fjord can continue.

Veto measures to protect fjord and coastal cod will have the greatest consequences for recreational fishers, as it will be prohibited to fish for cod with all types of gear from the county border between Vestfold and Telemark to the border with Sweden.


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