Wara attends Paris Quorum

Tor Mikkel WaraJustice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (Progress Party) : Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Norway’s Minister of Justice and Public Security Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp) attended the April 26th, international anti-terror, 2-day conference convened in Paris by French President Macron.


Recognizing the severity & ramifications of illicit terror financing, France hosted the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development as a coordinated, international effort to remove financial underpinnings that terrorist organizations are relying upon to support their illegal activities.

At conference, Minister Wara gave comment upon the need for nations to share intelligence information, saying; “Nations acquiring intelligence of subversive activity that may be of value to another country should share that information,even if a formal request hasn’t been received. In addition, intelligence agencies should take advantage of the new technologies available in revealing illicit or illegal cash flows.’

Terrorist organizations don’t primarily need a cash economy; they’re using secondary financial channels such as prepaid credit & debit cards, online wallets & internet crowd funding avenues to transfer monies, purchase goods & services.

The conference brought 70 nations and 20 organizations to quorum and heard loud calls for improved information-sharing between law enforcement, national intelligence agencies, financial business sectors and the technology industries.

A similar international conference will be held next year in Australia.


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