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The warm autumn leads to more expensive electricity

Power line electricityPower line. Photo Norway Today Media

The fine, mild weather this autumn has a dark side; the price of electricity has doubled.


At the beginning of September, the price of power was around 15 per kWh, now it has more than doubled to 35, reported the newspaper, Bergens Tidende.

‘In the market, we say the price has exploded by such a steep rise. For most people, this will translate into more expensive electricity. But given that the electricity bill consists of more than electricity prices, the total amount will probably not rise by more than 20 percent’, says market analyst John Brottemsmo of the brokerage firm, Bergen Energi.

The storage in the power reservoirs is about ten percent lower than normal at this time of year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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