Weapons sale to Brazil was not reported

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Sloppy work in major weapons sale

A significant weapons sale from Norway to Brazil in 2015 was not included in information that was relayed to Parliament. The error is explained as non-compliance to procedures.


In January of last year, Statistics Norway (SSB) referred a weapon sale to Brazil of NOK 188 million in an article on Norwegian arms exports.

According to VG, it concerns the sale of Penguin naval missiles from the Kongsberg Group to the Brazilian Defence.

These sales are not included in the Ministry’s information on the export of defense material from Norway in 2015, which was sent to Parliament in White Paper #36, regarding the sales of arms.

The figures in the parliamentary report come from the exporters themselves, while Statistics Norway collects its figures from the Customs’ export declarations.

– It turns out that in this case is about insufficient reporting from an exporter’s side regarding exports to Brazil, says Communications Consultant in the Ministry, Guri Solberg, to the newspaper.

She adds that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the matter seriously and is in dialogue with the exporter.

Communications Director in the Kongsberg Group, Ronny Lie, explains the lack of reporting as failure to comply with procedures.

We are very concerned that we comply with export regulations at all times, including correct reporting to the Ministry. We have had a dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the matter and have apologized for the incident strongly – and we accept full responsibility, he says.

As a result of the incident, the company introduces new routines.


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