Widerøe continues investment in new, direct northern flights from Bardufoss to Bodø and Tromsø

WiderøeWiderøe .Photo: wikipedia.org

Widerøe will be introducing new routes in Bardufoss. From Monday the 1st of May, 2017, Widerøe will launch routes in and out of Bardufoss Airport.

Now it will be possible to travel directly to Bardufoss from both Bodø and Tromsø. This corresponds well with routes into northern Norway, and extends Widerøe’s reach in the region.

‘We are very excited to announce this news now. We have had a detailed dialogue with industry, the military and all political actors in the area, and we are very happy to put into practice parts of the personal input that we have received.

The routes are set up so that they correspond with onward connections to both Oslo and Trondheim, as well as internally in northern Norway’, said Widerøe’s manager for short route travel, Jørgen Nergaard.

Both routes will give full earning EuroBonus points, and the price will start at 599 one way Tromsø to Bardufoss, and 699 one way from Bodø to Bardufoss.

The routes will be operated by Widerøe DH8-100, with 39 seats, and the DH8-300, which has 50 seats. The routes will be available for booking within the course of this week.


Source: Widerøe / Norway Today