Widerøe disinfects its aircraft fleet

disinfects.WiderøWiderø.Disinfects.Photo: Trond Reidar / NTB scanpix

The entire Widerøe fleet of 45 aircraft are disinfected with an effective agent used on board.

For longer stops, handles, overhead bins, hatches, window sills, armrests, tables, buttons, seat belts, belt locks, toilet doors, toilet waste hatches and safety brochures, the airline says on its website.

Further cleaning is carried out at night. In addition, normal cleaning routines are followed and waste is regularly emptied to reduce the spread of infection.

In addition to these measures, there are fewer points of contact on board, all blankets, pillows and pillowcases are temporarily removed, sales and serving are temporarily discontinued on all flights and the “Sky-free” magazine has been removed to prevent the spread of infection.

The smallest aircraft has deactivated the recirculation fan and replaces all air every four minutes, while the two largest aircraft types have hepa filters that filter more than 99 percent of all particles in the air.

Most Widerøe planes have fewer passengers on board than usual. The cabin crew benefits travelers to reduce the risk of infection to the extent possible without jeopardizing flight safety considerations, such as ensuring proper weight distribution.

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