Wind power needed to replace fossil energy

Vortex bladeless wind turbine. Is this the non-intrusive future of wind power? Photo:

Wind power needed to replace fossil energy in Norway

Statnett (the Norwegian state-owned grid company) believes that renewable energy can replace all fossil energy in Norway. The premise is that more wind power is built out.

Statnett has calculated that an increase in the production of clean energy of 25 to 30 per cent (30-50 TWh) is needed to halve Norwegian CO2 emissions. This according to E24,

Statnett writes in a report that most of the increase in the production of renewable energy should come from wind turbines, supplemented by hydropower and, to a degree, solar power. The report was presented last week.

“If we are to do this by means of wind power, many wind turbines have to be built henceforth,” CEO of Statnett, Auke Lont, tells E24.

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International companies

The CEO of the Norwegian power supply network (NVE) believes that the economic driving forces needed for this are present; large international companies, wishing to focus on wind power, may come to Norway.

However, the building of wind turbine parks has so far been controversial in Norway. This mainly due to intrusion into virgin nature.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) recently pointed out 13 areas in Norway they believe are suitable for the development of wind power on land. The proposals have met with hefty resistance. The Norwegian Tourist Association calls it «a disaster» that NVE has emphasised many wonderful, exciting and widely used natural areas in its proposal.

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