The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ wants to teach Norwegians how to sell

Leonardo de Caprio. Photo: Wikipedia

The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ wants to teach Norwegians how to sell

Jordan Belfort, who was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, is to host talks on selling at Telenor Arena in December.


If you wish to see Belfort lecture, and learn how to ‘succeed in sales and business’, you may have to pay close to NOK 28,000 for a ticket, the E24 newspaper reports.

For this sum, the most expensive of five ticket categories, you receive access to what the organisers call the ‘Ultimate Wolf pack’. This gives you access to front row seats, lunch, books and related subject matter, as well as a meeting with Belfort.

What the ex-jailbird himself will be left with after the ‘talk’ at Telenor Arena on December the 1st, isn’t known.

‘It is expensive,’ says one of the initiators, Ole-Arvid Liodden.

No moral scruples

Liodden said the organisers didn’t have any moral scruples about bringing the financial criminal to lecture in Norway.

‘We did, of course, consider this, but we believe everyone deserves a new chance. With his attitudes toward morality and ethics, that he doesn’t blame anybody but himself, and with his exciting background and story, we chose to do this despite the negatives,’ said Liodden.

Belfort was arrested in 1998, accused of ‘pump and dump’ fraud and money laundering, and served 22 months in the Taft Correctional Institution in California.

He has been involved in various controversies since his release, and BusinessWeek reported that Belfort had paid only $21,000 toward his restitution obligations out of approximately $1.2 million paid to him in connection with the film ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ before its release.

As Belfort is required to repay $10,000 per month to the many victims of his frauds for the rest of his life, some pundits are wondering whether aiding him in doing so might be further incentive to Norwegians to flock to the Telenor Arena in December.


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