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Women in the minority



The proportion of female board representatives of limited companies has not changed in recent years.

Two out of ten board representatives in private limited companies are women, and the corresponding figure in public limited companies is four out of ten.

The female share of board representatives in public limited companies is thus the statutory minimum required for gender balance in company boards.

In private limited companies, 18 per cent of the board representatives are women. The highest shares of female board representatives are in the three northernmost counties of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland, with 23, 20 and 20 per cent respectively. The lowest share of female board representatives is in the county of Vest-Agder, with 16 per cent.

In private limited companies, 16 per cent of general managers are women. The highest shares of female general managers can be found in the three counties in the north, as well as in the capital city, with 18.8 per cent and 18.1 per cent in Finnmark and Nordland, and 17.8 per cent in both Troms and Oslo. Women manage 66 per cent of private limited companies in other service activities and 43 per cent in human health and social work activities.

In public limited companies, 7.0 per cent of general managers are women. From 2004 to 2017, this share rose by 2.4 percentage points.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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