Work at every other building site was stopped

Building siteBuilding site.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Of the 500 construction sites controlled by the Labour Inspection Authority in May, work on almost half was stopped. Now, 200 businesses are likely to be penalised.


The controlled companies were given penalties because of dangerous working conditions or dangerous work at high altitudes, the Labour Inspection Authority stated on its website on Monday.

Last year, the Labour Inspectorate applied a violation fee to a far greater extent than before when the inspectors discovered a breach of the regulations in case of dangerous work at heights. Now the audit has been sharpened by hazardous work cases to allow more businesses to use the necessary protective devices.

‘’The objective of the action is to prevent accidents. To expose employees to danger
because of working where the protective device has been removed must have consequences,” said Trude Vollheim, Director of the Labour Inspectorate.

Construction is among the industries with the most reported occupational accidents and occupational injuries. Special cases lead to most deaths and serious injuries.

To penalise the business economically, however, has not had the desired effect – so far.

“After last year’s actions, we had hoped for better compliance with the regulations than we experienced with this action. The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s goal is not to gain as much in fines as possible, but that most people should take serious care.

Therefore, it is disappointing that this time we found so many cases that are so serious that we must stop work or consider giving offence fines,” said Vollheim.


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