Workers who are laid off risk a penalty

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Nav points out that there could be serious consequences for employees and employers if the laid-off staff continue to work, with or without pay, at the expense of the state.

Aftenposten has been in contact with several laid-off workers who are still performing tasks to keep the company going during the corona crisis, while also receiving payment from the state.

Director of Nav control Ole Johan Heir says both employees and the public send tips on this type of utilization of the layoff schemes, where laid-off staff are more or less pressed into a kind of voluntary job to save future jobs.

“We are keeping an eye on this now,” says Heir, who also says that violations of the regulations for laid-off staff can result in criminal liability and the repayment of money, even if they hide unpaid work.

Liv-Tove Espedal, head of Nav’s office, reminds us that there is a distinction between full and partial layoffs, and the latter can of course work somewhat.

“If the employee is partially laid off, he or she works either shorter days or fewer days. The employer must pay wages for the time the employee works,” Espedal points out in an email.

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