Young people are the best on alternative Christmas gifts

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As much as 44 percent of those between 18 and 34 years have bought or are considering buying alternative Christmas gifts this year. Alternative gifts are becoming more common than traditional. And the trend is growing.

Many charitable organizations offer such gifts, and the survey also shows that half of us have purchased alternative Christmas presents one or more times.
And 25 percent say they plan to buy such Christmas gifts this year. In addition, a 44 percent share in the age group 18 to 34 years, but only 18 percent in the group 35 to 54 years.
According to Plan International Norway it was namely young people who decide to buy such gifts, and of them there are mainly women.
– When we go into the pre-Christmas period, it is gratifying that so many choose to buy Christmas gifts that support a good cause.
We associate the Christmas season of giving to those who have less than us, and for many it becomes a pleasant part of Christmas preparations to support humanitarian work through purchasing alternative Christmas gifts, says Kjell Erik Øie, Secretary General of Plan International Norway.
Part of the message of Christmas
According to the survey which YouGov conducted for Plan, one-third of respondents said that they consider supporting humanitarian work as part of the message of Christmas.
53 percent of respondents believe that the main reason people will buy alternative is that you will achieve a better conscience. 53 percent of respondents believe it is the cause, while 21 percent think the reason is that we have it so good in Norway that we would like to give something to others.
In Plan International Norway sales boost for each year. Last year they sold alternative Christmas gifts for 2.1 million, which was around a 30 percent increase from the previous year.
– We expect an increase this year, said Øie to news agency NTB.
Large selection
An alternative Christmas gift is easiest to buy online, something Øie believes is one of the reasons why these Christmas gifts are most common among the youngest.
One can choose whether to have a card sent in the mail or if you want to send them a gift or have it sent by email.
– The income goes to school supplies, vaccines, medicines, clean water and other projects where Plan works, says Kjell Erik Øie.
But Plan is not alone. Through Norsk Folkehjelp you can, for example, give money to the training of mine detection dogs or demining of school routes and soccer fields.
Save the Children offers gifts that supports midwifery training placements for one year or shoes, while via NRC you can provide schoolbooks, proof of identity, or a goat.
These are just a few of the many organizations that offer alternative Christmas gifts.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today