Zero emission ferry hull arriving

Fjord1Photo: Fjellstrand AS

The hull for the newest zero emission ferry for Fjord1 arrives Norway and will stop at Halsnøy Dokk for painting and mounting of thrusters.


This summer the superstructure, which is already built and equipped at the Omastrand yard, will be mounted and the remaining equipment will be installed alongside the quay at Omastrand.

The ferry is developed by Fjellstrand and will operate the route between Halhjem and Våge in Hordaland not far from the yard premises.

This is a larger and further developed version of the MF Ampere, which in 2015 made history being the worlds first car ferry to be driven solely by batteries. The new vessel will be equipped for both higher speed and longer range.

The fully electric ferry will have a length of 87,5 meters and a beam of 20,8 meters and will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and a passenger saloon to accommodate 296 passengers. In order to optimize for lowest possible energy consumption the vessel will be built in aluminium with a catamaran hull.

Delivery will be December 2018


Source: Norway Today