110 municipalities “Healthy” after the Chernobyl accident

Sheep wolf killing tunnelsSheep with lambs . Photo: Norway Today Media

30 years after the Chernobyl accident, 110 municipalities no longer show levels of radioactivity in farm animals before slaughter. There are still 37 municipalities that are not cleared.


Stated, Senior Advisor Torild Agnalt Østmo, who works for the Department of foreign matter, and the EEA (European Economic Area) in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The main reason that the number of municipalities were reduced from 147 to 37 is that these areas have been systematically monitored over several years without restrictions and requirements for radiation fallout in the last ten-year period,” says the senior advisor.

Farm animals have grazed freely on the lands, then weeks before slaughter they are feed particular feeds so that when slaughtered tay are tested for lower levels radioactivity in the meat.

After the Chernobyl Incident in 1986, farmers in 147 municipalities in 12 counties had to measure radioactivity in sheep and other farm animals every autumn before being delivered for slaughter.

Of the 37 municipalities still in observatory zones, most in North -Trøndelag, where 14 municipalities still have to measure radioactivity in sheep and lambs.

Oppland has 11 municipalities, Nordland has 5, Hedmark has 4, Buskerud has 2 and Sogn og Fjordane have one municipality.



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