127,000 still owe the yearly licence fee

Motor vehicle licence feeMotor vehicles.Motor vehicles. Licence plates.Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

127,000 still owe the yearly licence fee for their motor vehicles

Two and a half months after the deadline expired, 127,000 annuities for Norwegian cars remain unpaid.


The deadline expired on March the 20th for close to 3.7 million annual fees, an income of almost 10 billion to the treasury , reported TV 2.

The channel has analysed information from the tax administration department showing figures for unpaid licence fees. 127,000 still aren’t paid. Now there will be commencement of the penalties.

Those who pay after maturity will be charged an additional fee, which is currently 250 for cars or motorcycles. Once the entire amount is paid, the cancellation fee will be deducted.

Expensive extra pay

A driver who is stopped without having made the payment can keep the licence plates, if the original fee, additional fee,and a fee of 900 kroner are be paid immediately at the place where they’ve been stopped.

If it goes so far that the signs are confiscated, there will also be a fee from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration(Statens vegvesen), which demands 1,540 to return the plates.


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