15 ambassadors’ passwords stolen

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Ambassadors have used passwords such as “Norway123”, “cheese pop” and “password” to log on to social media.

Over the past few months, Addresseavisen has had access to more than 1.4 billion email addresses and the passwords associated with them.

In a review of the newspaper, it appears that over 650 usernames and passwords associated with 15 Norwegian ambassadors as well as other leaders and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) have been stolen.

Among the ambassadors’ passwords, lightweight ones such as “Norway123”, “cheese pop” and “password” are used to log in to popular websites, such as LinkedIn and Dropbox.

“We have been aware that there have been hundreds of passwords that can be linked to UD addresses”, confirms UD’s data security manager Helge Marstrander.

In its latest assessment of the threat to Norway, the Police Security Service (PST) has pointed out that Norwegian citizens staying in countries with an authoritarian regime may be tempted or pressured by the intelligence services in the countries in question to carry out assignments for them.

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