The exporters profit from sending end-of-life cars to Africa


Exports of old and often obsolete cars to countries in Africa have almost quadrupled in the last decade. Behind the export are people who earn a lot of money, according to NRK.

From 1999 to 2008, 6,718 used cars were exported to Africa, the figure has increased to 24,300 in the period 2009–2018. This is stated in the program “Garbage Smugglers”, which NRK’s Focal Point showed on Wednesday. According to NRK, several of these exporters have made millions on exports.

Most cars are so old that a number of African countries have banned imports. According to a report from the Center for Science and Environment, the cars pose both a health and climate threat and contribute to increased CO2 emissions.

NRK also reveals that the cars are often filled with electrical and electronic waste. According to the Basel Convention, which Norway has signed, is illegal to export such waste to poorer countries outside the OECD without an agreement with approved reception.

“The export of the cars may be more organized than previously thought,” says Department Director Bjørn Bjørnstad in the Environment Directorate.

– “We clearly believe that this is a task for the police,” he says to NRK.

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