17 years old sentenced to two years in jail for animal cruelty


He has Abused, tormented and killed animals since he was six or seven years old, and now on age of 17 he is sentenced to two years in prison in Kristiansand District Court for animal cruelty.

One year of the sentence made conditional because of his age. 17 years old boy must thus stay for one year in prison, writes Fædrelandsvennen.

– A prison sentence is the Court’s view because he currently needs to refrain from committing new serious criminal acts, said the ruling.

The boy has a long history of mistreating animals. In court, he admitted that it began with frogs and worms, but eventually went over to bigger animals.

He has been sentenced for committing aggravated assault against a ferret, four rabbits, two hamsters, a quail, and more toads. All the animals were mistreated and eventually killed.

17 years old boy is convicted of 41 criminal offenses, which also includes violence against a sheep owner and an employee in the child welfare system.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today