Man sentenced to jail for calling his ex-wife 300 times in two days

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A caretaker in his late 40’s has been sentenced to prison for serious threats to his ex-wife, their children, and their family. Within two days, he called her 300 times.


The 300 calls took place when the man had just discovered that his ex-wife had found another man, reported Budstikka newspaper. Addition, he made serious threats.

According to the police, he threatened to smash his ex-wife and put her sister in a meat grinder, burn her house, and take his own life. The wife explained in court that at some points she feared he could be serious about some of the threats.

The man acknowledged his guilt in advance of the trial. He has also sought psychological help. Asker and Bærum District Court, however, believed that the significant extent of the threats, and their content, required a judgement of 75 days imprisonment.

‘Threats are serious and must be judged strictly. The threats were also repeated over period of time, and created constant fear and anxiety for her and her children,’ stated the district court verdict.


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